What to Expect at Erwin

Palm Sunday processional

Sundays services at Erwin are as casual or dressy as you wish. You will see attire that covers the fashion spectrum–in multiple continents! If you show up in jeans and a tee shirt, you will fit right in. If your Sunday-go-to-meetin’ best includes a Ghanaian dashiki, Ugandan busuuti,  Hawaiian shirt, or traditional dress clothes, each will work equally well.

The Wakey Juice is served before the service (which some choose to enjoy during the service) and also following the service (at which time there are also goodies to eat). Note: coffee is not served as a communion element!

Child Care:
Though the sounds of wee ones are warmly welcomed, there is an option for parents to take them to in-house child care/nursery care during worship services. We have a new nursery care room located down stairs from the Sanctuary entrance. The renovations include new paint, wall decorations, new play slide, new playhouse, comfy chairs, toys, books, etc.