International Missions

Guatemala Mission
Guatemala international mission is an opportunity to work with a team that will be traveling to Guatemala by fundraising, collecting items, and praying. Or, you can join the travel team and fly to Guatemala where you will come along side the people of Guatemala and work with them to improve life in many ways as well as experience new cultures and ways of living in Central America.
Send an email to to contact team leader Dave B.

Guatemala mission work

Uganda Mission
Erwin First is a mission partner with Nexus Seminary, Uganda. We support this ministry through publishing resources for Uganda pastoral students and through direct contact via sending annual mission teams to Uganda. These mission teams are partnered with Ugandan nationals to work in the field of their expertise: medical professionals with medical professionals; teachers with teachers, agriculturalists with agriculturalist, etc. While our core work is training rural pastors in Uganda, we have helped to build schools, water wells, a medical clinic and more.
If you are interested in assisting with the Uganda Mission, either through financial support or direct participation (or both), contact Pastor BJ at

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